Chuggington is a Disney Channel television show that is aimed towards preschool aged children and younger. The Chuggington Wooden Railway Sets are fun for ages three to eight years. Children love playing with wooden railway sets that can be taken apart, put back together, and changed around.

With the Chuggington set, your kids will have tons of fun playing with familiar characters from their favorite television show. There are several different Chuggington railway sets that can be purchased, each featuring different track shapes, such as a figure eight and circle. The railways can be easily snapped together to make new and exciting tracks of all shapes and sizes. With the Chuggington Wooden Railway Play Table, kids can set up the tracks on a surface that’s just right for their height. The play table is constructed of heavy wood and features colorful designs from the tv show. This is the perfect surface for rolling around trains. Koko, Brewster, Wilson, and other trains can be played with on the wooden railway tracks. The play table also has a pull-out drawer, which makes cleanup even easier than before. The table can be set-up easily and provides your child with a fun activity that they will enjoy for hours a day.

Even if your child is not familiar with Chuggington, they will still find fun and amusement out of the wooden railway sets. Perfect for small hands, the trains are much larger than others of the same type. The tracks also feature tunnels that your trains can be pushed through. For those that have other trains or play Disney cars, they should easily fit on the tracks as well. Each train has a front and back magnet, for the ability to connect to the other trains to create one large train.

Overall, Chuggington Wooden Railway sets are the perfect gift for your preschool aged child and will provide them with hours of fun every day. This toy can be enjoyed for years after the initial purchase.