5 Awesome iPad Apps for Toddlers


As computers have become more commonplace, people are finding the benefits of having children learn to use them at a young age. It can improve hand eye coordination, get kids comfortable with working on PCs and there are even a variety of games geared towards learning.

To this end, many developers have begun writing iPad apps designed for younger children and toddlers. Because iPads use touch screens, they are easy for toddlers to use, and they are more interactive. For people interested in helping their children learn and play using an iPad, here are five of the best apps:

Moo, Baa La La La! ($3.99)
This app is an interactive book that comes with a variety of sound effects and animations, and the story is read aloud. Additionally, there is a slew of interactive features that allow children to do things like turn night into day by touching a moon or helping a stagehand raise a curtain for some dancing pigs. This app will impart the joy and discovery of reading to children while helping them improve hand eye coordination.

Interactive Alphabet – ABC Flash Cards ($2.99)
If parents are looking to give their children a head start, this is an excellent app. It teaches children to identify letters while animations and sound effects help make the alphabet memorable. Upper and lowercase letters are used, and phonic sounds are emphasized to aid the transition to reading.

The Grouchies (Free)
This app is an excellent tool for teaching children to understand how their tantrums and bad moods can affect their friends and family. Developed by the American Psychological Association, The Grouchies is designed to help children understand where their bad moods come from and how to deal with them, and it uses fun rhyming and pictures to make it kid friendly.

Kid Art ($.99)
This is an app with a creative focus that lets children draw to their hearts content. It comes with a variety of backgrounds to start from, along with different themes. Included in the app are stickers and a variety of colors that children can use to draw and decorate images with. This will help develop hand eye coordination while being entertaining and far less messy than crayons and markers.

Fish School
This is an all in one learning app that includes letters, numbers, colors and matching, just to name a few. The app is filled with games and activities, so even if children become bored with alphabet games, they can simply move on to another game. Fish School is a well rounded app that turns learning into play time.