As kids grow space is something they value in their bedrooms. Kids also like having friends stay for overnight visits sometimes. With space a consideration and the extra bed needed for those overnight guests trundle beds are a great option. These beds come in many styles, colors and are made of sturdy wood or metal. They also have the benefit of both beds, when the trundle bed is pulled out, of being on the floor so there is no fear of a child falling from a top bunk bed. While bunk beds take up the space of just one bed there is the fear of a child falling off during sleep. With trundle beds children sleep on a bed close to the floor so the risk of them falling and being injured is gone. Trundle beds also take up the space of just one bed until the second bed is pulled out to use.

For children having a trundle bed provides a bed made of wood or metal which has a sturdy frame. There is no risk of the bed falling off the frame. Sleeping children will not roll over and fall from a height like they might if sleeping in a top bunk. There are no ladders to climb with the temptation to play on and risk injury.

Trundle beds also can grow with a child because there are many designs including bookcase and storage. These beds allow extra storage space while not taking up more room. For smaller children the storage can be used for toys or clothing. As children grow and may not have as many toys more room can be used for clothing. They are a great way to maximize space in any child’s bedroom. There are different sizes of beds including twin, full and even queen size. This makes them the right size for any child right through teenage years. There are daybed trundles which provide sitting areas during the day and a bed for sleeping at night as well as the extra bed underneath for any overnight guest.

Having a trundle bed for a child saves space in the bedroom and depending on the bed style extra storage as well as a bookcase. It also lets them have room for an extra person when they want to have a sleepover. The second bed stays hidden out of the way until it is needed. The beds are safe for children and remove the fear of them falling from a top bunk.