What Are the Hottest Toys for Summer?

razor flash rider

The majority of children in the US don’t get enough daily physical activity. In fact, many watch TV or play video games for 5 hours or more every day! Want to get the kids to get off their butts and away from the TV this summer? Lure them away with these hot summer toys.

1) Razor Flash Rider

This toddler tricycle is a hot rod that will have kids taking over sidewalks everywhere. The trike is decked out in silver, hot pink, and black colors, and features an over-sized front wheel and mini rear wheels. The main attraction of the Flash Rider is its ability to light up the roads. The trike has a spark bar that can be lowered to put a piece of flint in contact with the ground. When a child pedals fast enough, the flint will light up the way wherever the Flash Rider goes. This trike is not only too cool for school, it will help the kids get outside and get in some physical activity.

2) Nerf Super Soaker Lightning Storm

Boys will always love their toy guns, and nothing will put a bigger smile on their faces than having the Lightning Storm in their little hands. This water blaster features a navy blue, white, and orange color scheme, and holds up to 35 oz of icy cold water. The Lightning Storm lives up to its name with lightning bolt symbols placed in various spots on the gun. It even has a built-in water shield for defense against enemy sprays. The Nerf Super Soaker Lightning Storm will give any kid a good reason to get off the couch to cool down with some friends.

3) Icee Deluxe Slushy Machine

Nothing beats eating or drinking something nice and cool after playing outside all day. With the Icee Deluxe Slushy Machine, every boy and girl can make their own slushies with the simple turn of a crank. Simply add ice cubes and one of the two supplied flavors, then crank away to a delicious and refreshing beverage that the whole family will love.