Our Favorite Vintage 80’s Children’s Toys

Man Hand Held Arcade Style

Vintage children’s toys are a powerful, eclectic and inexpensive way to evoke the innocence of childhood and the joys of days gone by. Old cabbage patch dolls, for example, set nostalgic bones to tingling. Alphabet and number blocks connote the days before kindergarten, when these strange symbols held such mystery and promise.

With the rise in popularity of online vendors of secondhand everything, vintage children’s toys are slowly coming back into vogue, though not necessarily with children. While old velveteen rabbits and other stuffed animals still make great gifts for children, adults who once played with such toys as children are now seeking these old friends out.

Lite Brite

The list of 80’s vintage children’s toys is potentially endless, but a few perennial favorites include:

Waterful Ring-Toss
Glow Worm
Simon Says

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Handheld arcade games from the 80s never go out of style. Card games, like UNO, remain popular and abundant. The market for sales of vintage children’s toys is on the rise also, with used 80s Sesame Street dolls selling for upwards of $20.00 online.