Easy Bake Ultimate Oven Toy Review

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven Toy Review

A lot of parents (including me!) are extremely nostalgic about the Easy Bake Oven. It’s extremely easy to see why, it was one of the best toys you could have owned back when you was a kid. Countless hours were spent learning some real world application about baking on a safe, fun and easy toy. The cakes and cookies that you cooked were delicious as well. Does the current version, the easy bake ultimate oven, live up to these expectations?

There is one issue that is readily apparent the moment you open the box. The mixes they give you are quite microscopic. The amount of food they make is so small it’s not even a single bite. We come to expect an easy bake oven not to be economical about food portions, but it’s quite ridiculous how little you get for your money. That’s not why children play with it though; it’s for the fun involved in cooking so this can be overlooked.

The toy has been relatively unchanged in many years. The biggest change has been style and getting rid of the light bulb. The light bulb in the easy bake oven has been the source of many problems for years, the new system removes it altogether. This means no more replacing the defective light bulb and no more scary stories about what the light bulb can do.


*No More Light bulb
*Recipe Booklet Included
*Larger Cooking Chamber

Overall it’s a terrific purchase. The Easy Bake Ultimate Oven is just as fun as you remember when you was a child. The portions seem to have gotten smaller since back when you was a child, but not a huge deal. The removal of the light bulb is a delightful addition as well as the wonderfully fun recipe book. There is even a larger cooking chamber so you can cook bigger or more items at a time. Your children as sure to have a good time with this toy, maybe even just as much as you used to when you was a child.