Textured Dominoes

textured dominoes

Who said dominoes were only for old people? These textured Dominoes are a new take on and old classic. Specifically made for the growing child in mind, the textured dominoes come in a variety of colorful circles and different textures. The result is a fun-filled game that teaches children to match up colors and textures, thus improving their sensory skills. The dominoes come in a sturdy, wooden tray that make clean up and storage easy. The Textured Dominoes game is for ages three and up.

Shark Playing Cards

shark playing cards

Kids love sharks, and I’m not sure why. Anyway – this scary playing card set features 54 different moving sharks! Definitely educational and informative. Your kids will learn to identify the different types of sharks and maybe even develop an appreciation for them, all while having some fun.

Kikkerland Wind Up Toy

kikkerland wind up toy

The wheel on top of this wind up toy gives off sparks as Sparklz wobbles around. “Sparklz thinks it is one of those Greek gods of lightning, but it’s still trying to get the hang of thunder and rain. Meanwhile, Sparklz just wobbles around aimlessly with its little rudder, looking for a meaning in life. Sparklz actually hates fire. It loves nature and water, dense forests, and the creatures that live in it. Just to be on the safe side, you should keep Sparklz away from any flammable liquids, or vapors”. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Bunkies Stuffed Animal

bunkies stuffed animal

Set the scene for action, fun and imagination with Bunkies Stuffed Animals. They were made for throwing and are as soft as a pillow to ensure safe play. Each Bunkie Stuffed Animal is handmade with detailed features to create it’s unique look, and personality. Creative patterns and shapes make Bunkies a great collectible toy for kids.

Matchbox Mega Rig Space Rover

matchbox mega rig space rover

The perfect toy for your little astronaut! The Space Rover is a vehicle your kids need to explore the terrains of other planets! It starts as one big mothership and separates into lots of different fun and exciting adventure vehicles they can combine anyway they like. Your junior spaceman or spacegirl can send out the pod and the cosmic ATV, or fuel up the spacerocket and launch it…there’s no end to the fun with this space rover toy!

Magneatos Magnetic Building Set

magneatos magnetic building set

A similar concept to popular sets made for big kids, the Award-Winning Magneatos are extra large sized pieces, which are especially designed for smaller hands. With 36 jumbo-sized, colorful, magnetic construction pieces, the Magneatos Magnetic Building Set creates a whole new way for young children to play!

Alexander Taron Tin Robot Toy

tin robot toy

On the hunt for the perfect nostalgic gift for the kid or collector on your list? The Alexander Taron tin robot offers a perfect blend of classic features along with quality craftsmanship which combine for the ideal toy! The Tin Robot Toy will look fantastic underneath your holiday Christmas tree this year! The tin toy robot walks, shoots, spins and has doors on chest that open and close!!

Fun Slides Carpet Skates

carpet skates

Turn your home into an active indoor skating rink – carpet skating! No kid will be able to resist sliding and gliding around the house in these innovative strap-on slides. They won’t wreck your carpets either, and they work on any type of carpet or rug. With a built-in stopper for safety, these Fun SLides carpet skates are a great introduction to skating, and a great rainy day physical activity. A perfect way to get your children to want to be more active!