Natural Sleigh Toddler Bed

natural sleigh toddler bed

This Natural Sleigh Toddler Bed is a perfect transitional bed for your beloved toddler. This wooden bed is made by Dream On Me! and features dual safety rails which prevents kids from falling out and a low height so toddlers and easily get in and out of bed. The Natural Sleigh Toddler Bed is easy to assemble and comes in a variety of different finishes. This great little sleigh bed is an ideal choice for toddlers who have outgrown their cribs.

Ioline Toddler Bed


The Ioline toddler bed by Kalon is a stylish bed that’s your toddler’s size. Set low to the ground, the IoLine Toddler Bed’s clean and modern shape allows growing children to climb in and out of bed with ease, building independence. Kalon Studios tries to be as green and sustainable as they can be. They have used raw materials that are renewable and they’ve finished their woods with an oil they developed that is so green, so-non toxic that it’s food grade.

modena toddler bed

Constructed from New Zealand Radiata Pine Wood, which comes from forests maintained by managers that enforce environmental responsibility and the conservation of forest wildlife, the Modena Toddler Bed by DaVinci will allow your toddler to make the proper first transition from the crib before moving to a twin or full size bed. This eco-friendly toddler bed also features an ample storage compartment for additional space.

Lightning McQueen Toddler Car Bed

lightning mcqueen toddler car bed

Want to do a race car theme in your toddler’s bedroom? You have now found the perfect addition to your little race car driver’s bedroom with this awesome and fun Lightning McQueen bed from Little Tikes. The bed comes in a toddler size for your little ones and the toddler bed is bright red with the Lightning McQueen shape. Your child will love it and it will make their bedroom adorable and fun!

Liberty Toddler Bed

liberty toddler bed

The LibertyToddler Bed has a unique design and the highest standards for high quality and safety. Your child have simple access with this functional design, as it’s built low to the ground for easy access. When your toddler is sleeping, the rails at each side ensure that they stay there safely and soundly. Made of solid wood construction and high quality natural finish, the Liberty toddler Bed also uses a standard crib mattress.

Wooden Sleigh Toddler Bed

wooden sleigh toddler bed

Available in Natural, Caramel and Cherry and White, the Sleigh Toddler Bed from Delta is the perfect transitional bed for your child. It has a classic sleigh bed design with two removable toddler rails, adding a timeless and warm look to any child’s bedroom. The bed is low to the ground for easy access, so your little one can get in and out of bed on their own!

Traditional Star Toddler Bed

traditional star toddler bed

Available sanded and unfinished, or in natural, honey oak, white, linen and pastel finishes, this is a transitional bed for the toddler ready to leave the crib. It is low to the ground and features effective roll out protection on all four sides. Boasting a traditional headboard with star cutout and featuring effective roll out protection on all four sides, this affordable toddler’s bed is the perfect transitional bed for your little ones.

Soom Soom Toddler Bed

soom soom toddler bed

This well made toddler bed will assist with your child’s transition from a crib to a bed. Featuring a classic traditional sleigh design in a beautiful non-toxic cognac finish, the Soom Soom Bed will certainly make your toddler feel like a big kid. Designed with your peace of mind and your child’s safety in mind as well, the Soom Soom toddler transitional bed is equipped with solid mattress supports and two safety rails.

San Tropez Toddler Bed

san tropez toddler bed

Available in Caramel, Cherry and Natural, the San Tropez Toddler Bed from Delta is a an improvement on the standard toddler bed. This casual and charming toddler’s bed is safe and sturdy, built low to the ground so children between the ages of two and five can climb in and out without help, making the transition between crib and big kid bed that much easier.

sleigh toddler bed with trundle

Ideal for toddlers who have outgrown their cribs, this Sleigh Toddler Bed with the additional space-saving Trundle unit, has side safety rails on either side of the bed prevent toddlers from falling out, and the low height enables children to get in and out of bed easily. The Trundle drawer underneath the bed is an ideal place for additional storage, whether it be for toys, clothes or extra bedding. This sleigh toddler bed has a classic style that is also available in the dark brown espresso, Natural, Cherry, and White finishes.