Organic Cotton Green Bean Teether

organic cotton teether

This fabulous (and eco-friendly) green bean teether is made from certified organic cotton inside and out. It is totally safe to for your little one to chew on and introduces your baby to the world of veggies! These special teething toys are made from 100% handpicked organic cotton, without the use of pesticides or chemicals throughout the entire production process. Grown exclusively in Egypt under fair trade conditions, this veggie shaped baby teething toy is also totally machine washable.

Raz-Berry Baby Teether

razberry teether

This a first – a hands-free teether! This pacifier/teether will sooth baby’s gums with its bumpy texture and it is made with non-toxic food grade silicone. It is safe, durable and extremely effective! Razbaby’s Razberry Teether is like a pacifier and teether in one! The pacifier shaped teether allows babies to be hands free and soothes baby’s gums while they play.

Luv n Care Ice Teether

triangle ice teethers

The Luv n Care Pur Ice Bite Teether is a triangle shaped baby teether with three corners filled with new ice gel. Its multiple textures are stimulating on your baby’s sore gums. It is easy for small hands to hold, making it a popular favorite for babies and parents alike.

Hand and Foot Baby Teethers

baby teethers

These classic teethers are proven winners with millions of moms (and babies) all over the world! Infants can’t resist these air-filled teethers, designed for grabbing, squeezing, and chewing. Soft and bendable and phthalate-free, so you can feel good about your baby using these teethers. These adorable teethers would make a perfect stocking stuffer for baby!

Maple Wooden Teether

buy wooden teether

The Maple teether was designed to stimulate sight and touch with its gorgeous natural shape and the comfort of hardwood. The wooden teether is easy to hold for tiny fingers and soothing to rub on their tender gums. The Maple Wooden Teether is ideal for the 3 month old baby. Every maple teether is fashioned from maple wood and finished with beeswax. A wonderful teething product for your baby.

Teething Bling!

buy teething bling necklace

Curious babies love to tug on hair, necklaces, pretty much anything they can get their little hands on when you are holding them. Teething babies like to chew on stuff, and jewelry is usually no exception for a teething infant. It has finally dawned on someone to combine attractive wearable necklace for mom with a teething product for the baby! Best part – these teething necklaces look awesome, and they are designed specifically for your baby to grab and chew. A teething product we love!

Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy


Sophie the Giraffe is one of the most famous teething toys! Her success is renowned all over the world with millions sold in Europe and worldwide since her creation almost 50 years ago.Sophie is soft, light and easy to grasp and is perfect for tiny hands. Babies love her bumpy head to sooth their sore, teething gums. Handmade in the French Alps with the finest rubber (phthalate-free) and food quality paints, Sophie will sure to become the favorite companion of your baby.