adventure packs rainforest explorer pack

Encourage the wonders of the world to your children with this Adventure Packs Rainforest Explorer Pack. The highly detailed and realistic toy will inspire your child to explore biology and think about the nature of our amazing rainforests . Perfect for the inquisitive and worldly child, The Adventure Packs Rainforest Explorer Pack will surely spark imaginations and undoubtedly provide hours of educational fun.

Hopscotch Mat

hopscotch mat

Now your kids can play a classic game of Hopscotch, whether in the rain or shine. They won’t need to wait for a summer’s day for a game of hopscotch…not with this vibrantly colorful hopscotch game mat. It features a skid-proof backing for safety, and it’s the same model used in schools–so you know it’s built to last.

Naturally Playful Teeter Totter

teeter totter

This great-lloking teeter totter set features two ample contoured seats, built-in footrests, and easy-to-grip handlebars perfect for small hands. Because of its innovative design, three’s kids fit onto the teeter totter because the space in the middle easily holds a third child! And as far as the teeter totter’s aesthetic, the sandstone color and rock-like texture will keep your yard looking natural and clutter-free.

Turbo Bubble Machine

bubble machine

How much fun would this bubble machine be for your kids on a warm day in the backyard? Any day will seem like a fun garden party with this fantastic non-stop bubble machine. And what makes it better is that it is easier to fill than other bubble machines because it has no separate filling trays. The bubble machine has a handy carry handle.

Outdoor Metal Dome Climber

metal dome climber

Just like we used to have in elementary school! This outdoor metal climber dome is of the highest playground quality, the tough monkey bars can support up to ten kids and 1,200 lbs., so you can rest assured knowing that it can take anything kids can dish out. Children love climbing and monkeying around with friends and on this jungle climber, they can! Metal dome climbers help to build coordination, strength, and confidence.

Tire Swings

tire swings

This is the classic and timeless tire swing with an innovative new twist. These eco-friendly swings are made from recycled tires, then washed and sculpted. Your child’s new swing arrives completely assembled and ready to hang, outdoors or in. All of the included hardware is covered to ensure smooth surfaces. These fabulous tire swings have been tested for safety and strength and they can safely support up to 200 lbs.

Cedar Sandbox

cedar sandbox

Your children will never get tired of digging in sand, and now you don’t need to go to the beach for a day’s fun. This beautifully constructed Sandbox is built from premium quality red cedar, with wide seats for your kid’s comfort. 8″ walls are carefully sanded to eliminate splinters, and it’s bottomless for better drainage. Keep your sand fresh and clean with the roll-over, clip-on mesh cover which lets rainwater through for moist, moldable sand.

Kids Tumbling Mats

kids tumbling mats

Just like in gym class, your kids will be able to do all the tricks, from cartwheels to martial arts. This school-quality tumbling mat provides a safe, shock-absorbent cushion for all kinds of active fun. Thickly padded, with a rugged vinyl cover; the same high quality as those used in gym classes. With Velcro® edges for linking multiple mats together, these tumbling mats are 48″ width and the panels fold for compact storage.

Kids Woodland Outdoor Climber

kids woodland climber

The Kids Woodland Climber is the ideal play set for your little ones, and its natural look will blend into your backyard. The children can climb the stairs, scale “rock” walls, and crawl through child-sized portals. They can commandeer the captain’s wheel, then ride the fun slide. They’ll also have fun in the cool “underground” hideout! Add sand to the climber for even more play possibilities.

Kids Mini Golf Course

kids mini golf

You can turn your yard or basement into a miniature golf course for your kids! This toy golf set builds coordination and cooperative skills. Smartly designed to help kids achieve success, with tracks that guide the ball to the green, which are angled for easier putting. The pieces snap together into different configurations, so you can switch things up and keep things fresh. The kids golf set includes two toy putters, two golf balls, and more.