Organic Stuffed Rabbit

organic stuffed rabbit

This adorable Organic Stuffed Rabbit is the type of toy that children absolutely adore. Bound to become your child’s favorite toy, this Organic Stuffed Rabbit is made with 100% organic cotton and filled with pure wool. It’s super soft and comforting exterior will have your child cuddling and playing with this toy until the sun goes down. This toy would make a wonderful birthday or christmas present, or a great gift anytime to show that special child just how much you love them.

Organic Stuffed Baby Bear

organic stuffed baby bear

The adorable Organic Stuffed Baby Bear will be an instant favorite with your child and can be paired with any of its other friends in the Organic Collection. This beautiful handmade Stuffed Animal Bear Baby Rattle in White and Pink will be your child’s best friend. Made with 100% organic cotton and filled with pure wool the bear is soft and fuzzy and is perfect to play with and keep an infant entertained. It holds a small rattle in its body to add to sensory and rhythmic development. Best of all, each stitch of this charming toy is lovingly sewn by hand.

All dyes meet strict Oeko-Tex certifications
Available separately in Mouse, Dog, Bunny and Pig shapes

Socktopus Sock Doll

socktopus sock doll

Clearly inspired by the infamous Sock Monkey, these eight-legged creatures are made from traditional red heel socks and button eyes. This Socktopus is handmade and these fabulous eco-friendly friends are made from recycled wool sweaters. Their woolly covering allows them to live comfortably on land, especially indoors and in the arms of your little ones. They are the perfect organic buddies for children of all ages, and will add a retro familiarity to your life. Socktopus Sock octopus doll comes in a couple different colors, Green-Blue or Red-Pink-Orange. Cute!

Natural Organic Plush Bear

organic plush bear

This adorable 100% Natural Plush Bear from Toys “R” Us is safe for your kids and safe for the planet as well. The Natural Organic Plush Teddy Bear is lovingly made from eco-friendly inks and dyes, wood from forest-friendly sources and all-natural cotton fabrics. A perfect little organic pal for your children!

Organic Knit Teddy Bear

organic teddy bear

Made with certified organic cotton and colored in a water bath with dyes from plants and minerals means this toy is free from harmful substances from start to finish. This adorable knit toy bear, who is nine inches tall, comes in its own gift box,made of recycled paper of course, making it one gift that keeps on giving to both your child and the planet.

Soyphia the Goat

buy soyphia

Your little ones will fall in love with Soyphia the Goat! I think she’s absolutely adorable and when I discovered how she was made I ordered one right away. Soyphia was made using the waste product from the manufacturing of tofu! She’s a cuddly little friend who’s non-toxic, completely biodegradable, and even more sanitary than cotton toys. I love this toy!

buy keptin doll

The Cuddle Pants Organic Cotton Doll is a 100% organic cotton doll filled with pure wool. Made by Keptin Jr, who produce their toys in a very environmentally friendly way, using organic and non-dyed materials. The simple design of Cuddle Pants will stimulate your little ones creativity, and the high quality of the product guarantees it stand the test of time and wear. Cuddle Pants’ size makes him perfect for hugging and sleeping with. He is adorably dressed in a jumper and a striped hat.

Organic Sheep Music Box Doll

Buy sheep_music_box

This Fair Trade adorably soft sheep is more than just a doll your baby will love to hold, its a music box sure to help the little one sleep soundly. All you do is pull the cord and the sweet little sheep music box gently plays a soft and quiet lullaby. Best of all, the hand washable sheep doll is made with Skal certified organic cotton from Lana Natural of Denmark and is filled with pure wool.