SEED Organic Cradle

seed organic cradle

Made from recycled birch and 100% natural, organic materials, the Seed Organic Cradle is a piece of furniture to truly treasure. Made from breathable organic cotton, with a natural latex mattress and strong breather base, you’ll be giving your baby a better start. The base of the SEED Organic Cradle is also made from recycled materials. Seed Organic has used the finest materials in this cradle yet it remains to be very affordable.

Organic Toddler Bedding

toddler organic bedding

Designed by olli and lime, all of their products are of high quality and have a sustainable environmental edge. Most of their textiles are organic, including this soft, organic toddler bedding set which comes in a seasonal burnt orange and roasted brown design. It’s small enough for a crib, yet big enough for a junior bed, so it can grow as your little one does. Combine this Organic Toddler Bedding with their accent pillows and wallpaper for a perfectly coordinated, contemporary nursery.

Contemporary Crib Bedding

contemporary crib bedding

olli and Lime is about high quality and great design. They also practice sustainable environmental procedures and recycle whenever possible. Their Contemporary Crib Bedding is soft and organic. It’s small enough for a crib, yet big enough for a junior bed, so it can grow as your little one does. Combine it with the matching egg pillow and wall print for a perfectly coordinated, contemporary nursery.

areas organic cotton baby quilt set

This charming mix of bright colors contributes a lively touch to your nursery. Area’s lovely Organic Cotton Baby Quilt Set features subtle leaf green embroidery details on misty blue organic cotton percale. Made of 100% organic cotton, your baby or little one will rest comfortably in these natural fibers.

Organic Rectangle Mattress by Picci

organic rectangle mattress

This Organic Rectangle Mattress by Italian design company Picci, showcases beautiful designs and eye for detail in all of the products they present. Made from 100% certified organic materials, everything is produced and designed in Italy, and reflects the simple and classic Tuscan lifestyle. Choose from other charming 100% organic products from this Picci, such as infant carrying baskets, bassinets, bedding collections, and stroller accessories.

K Studio Organic Pillows


K Studios is a mom and daughter team that makes cool and cute pillows made from sustainable materials such as hemp, organic cotton and recycled wool that would be perfect in your child’s room or in the nursery. The production is made in-house and managed by Mary and Shelly Klein. These eco-friendly and super great-looking pillows are made even better knowing that they come from a small family company that supports sustainable living.


The LOrganic Cotton Baby and Child Quilted Duvet is made of 100% skal certified organic cotton inside and out. The inner core is made of soft organic cotton fleece, and the stitching keeps the filling evenly distributed and the duvet easy to handle. Since the entire quilt is made from organic cotton, the duvet can be machine washed hung dried or tumble dried on gentle settings. A wonderful idea for organic baby or kids bedding.

Organic Lambswool Baby Blanket


This warm and natural 100% Organic Merino Lambswool Blanket is light, cosy and warm. The natural fibres allow the natural circulation of air and the dispelling of moisture so that children and babies don’t get too warm and the temperature is regulated. Completely free of any synthetic fibres or chemicals, lambswool is self cleaning so the blanket is simple to care for.

Coco Mat Organic Crib Mattress

organic crib mattress

You can rest assured knowing your baby is asleep on one of these innovative eco-friendly mattresses from Natural Mat. The Coco Mat is Natural Mat’s most breathable and organic crib mattress. The core of this mattress is made of coconut fibers (called coir) from the only organic coir plantation in the world, and certified by Skal International, one of the worlds more reputable inspection organizations for organic products.

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organic crib mattress protector pad

The breathable and waterproof Organic Crib Mattress Protector Pad is perfect for babies and toddlers during potty training. This organic mattress protector is made with two layers of soft organic flannelette; and in between is a thin polyurethane membrane, which is eco-friendly and breathable. These waterproof mattress protectors come with elastic bands on each corner so they can be attached securely to your baby’s or toddler’s mattress.

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