moonlight low energy night light

The Moonlight plug Low Energy Night Light is a low energy night light that fits into a normal wall socket and uses the most modern energy efficient technology,which was actually developed by NASA to light up cockpit panels, to now give a restful, soft blue green light, making baby’s or child’s rooms feel safer for your little ones. For kids, waking in the dark in an dark room can be scary. The Moonlight Moonlight Low Energy Night Light is an eco-friendly, energy efficient way to prevent that.

Jellio GummiLights

gummi bear lights

Lights that look like Gummi Bears!! I love these. Jellio GummiLights are designed by Kevin Champeny. In the daytime, these soft, rubbery lights will make a huge cute statement any room. But at night, the tiny LED’s in their bottoms turn them into the coolest lights you could ever own! We can’t think of a better idea for a set of kids night lights either!!

My Pet Lamp Terribear Night Light

teddy bear night light

The totally cute and playful MyPetLamp TerriBear Night Light from Offi is made of non-toxic, odorless plastic with a low voltage replaceable bulb that enhances a room with its soft and warm light. This adorable teddy bear night light comes with a washable marker so you can write right on the lamp. This cute bear lamp comes in pink, white, green, orange, blue and yellow.

TykeLight GloMate Kids Night Light

tykelight glomate

Looking for an adorable night light for your little one’s bedroom? Check out the TykeLight GloMate color changing portable nightlight. It’s super cute with a soft silky feel for your child to snuggle up with on a dark night. It’s also fun to watch as it dissolves from one vibrant color to another. It can be set to turn on automatically when lifted from the charging base or come on if the household power goes out. A great idea for your little one who gets scared of the dark!

Dexter the Dog Night Time Pals Lamp

dexter the dog night time pals lamp

Made with translucent Kumo paper, these cute and friendly nightlights will put a smile on your child’s face. Night-Time Pals are the ideal night light companion for a child’s room, or for anyone looking to add a little animal whimsy to their living space. When lit up, these cute and colorful little critters produce a soft and warm light, giving off a comforting glow.

Mod Dot Nursery Lamp

mod dot nursery lamp

Printed cotton fabric shade with lines of dots surrounding the top and bottom adorn this adorable sleek, modern Mod Dot Nursery Lamp. Equipped with a touch sensitive base, this lamp is more than easy to turn on and off. The Mod Dot Nursery Lamp will add a warm glow to your baby’s room, your toddler’s room or the nursery.

Jungle Animal Night Light

kids animals nightlight

The Kidsline Zanzibar African animal night light will help make your child’s room into a jungle safari, and is perfect if you are doing a jungle theme or a rain forest theme in your kid’s room. With every animal you could think of making an appearance, your child be comforted at night by all his little nightlight animal friends.

Kid’s Birdsong Night Light

kids night light

A contemporary and sweet twist on a quaint patchwork traditional design and aesthetic, this adorable birdsong night light will delight your children with vibrant cute birds, in a colorful pink orchard setting. The Birdsong Night Light is made of hand-painted resin.

Tyke Light Portable Night Light

tyke night light

Kids can pick up this softly-glowing, freestanding little guy and cart him along when they head to the bathroom. Temperature-wise, this night light is cool to the touch and safe to hold; and there are no exposed electrical contacts. You just plug him into an A/C adapter to recharge during the daytime. The Tyke Light Portable Night Light has high/low brightness options and an ease-into-sleep dimmer option.