Skip Hop Baby Comb & Brush Set

skip hop baby comb brush set

This Skip Hop baby comb and brush set is super cute. The Hare base holds a baby soft comb and brush, which make up the hares ears. Includes comb with small teeth and brush with soft bristles. The Soft-grip handles are sized perfectly for adults. BPA, Phthalate and PVC free.

Car Seat Bundler

car seat bundler

For use with car seats, strollers, and joggers this Original Car Seat Bundler protects your baby from the elements while providing ultimate comfort. With a shearling inner and warm outer fleece, the cozy and comfortable Car Seat Bundler will eliminate the need for bulky jackets and shifting blankets, and can be easily transferred from car seat to stroller.

Hippo Ice Pack and Warmer

hippo ice pack and  warmer

Let this sweet, comforting fun friend take care of your child when they fall ill, have a bruise or get an owie. Kids and babies alike can snuggle up to this fuzzy little guy, and have him ice cold or warm. The Hippo Ice Pack and Warmer is constructed of mixed cotton fabrics and can be used for ages three months and up.

Sheepskin Baby Bootie Set

sheepskin baby bootie set

The little ones and baby will be warm when it starts to get cold, with the sheepskin baby bootie set. This set can include baby boots, mittens and a hat. Leather uppers, leather sole, sheepskin lining, and cushioned insole in a little baby sheepskin package!

Wool Baby Sneaker

wool baby sneaker

These little wool sneakers for baby are so cute, even I want a pair! Durable, with a wool upper and leather sole, these Wool Baby SNeakers have a flat heel. Perfect for indoor activities and outdoor adventures, nothing will get between your runner and his love for outdoor adventures! You’ll both want your little one to wear these comfy stylish shoes everyday!

Baby Travel Chair

baby travel chair

With this Baby Travel Chair, you’ll never be in a situation of not having a place for your baby to sit. It’s portable, of course, and turns an ordinary chair into a temporary high chair restraint system. Baby will be able to sit comfortably without slipping on the non-slip surface. The Baby Travel Chair is great for dining out and shopping carts!

Baby Knee Pads

baby knee pads

These innovative and snazzy baby Knee Pads were designed for the ultimate protection for babies just learning to crawl and walk! They have been proven to prevent things like scrapes, bruises and small injuries. Babies are able to crawl safely and comfortably on all floor surfaces. Can also be used for crawling to toddling, to bike riding or roller skating.

Organic Cotton Baby Bibs

organic bibs

These all-natural mini-bibs will keep your baby’s clothing from getting wet or dirty, and also help prevent rashes! They’re free of the chemicals and bleaches that can irritate baby’s sensitive skin, and I love the subtle look that doesn’t cover your baby’s clothes. These bibs are made of pure organic cotton, with satin and organic cotton trim.