Top Five Strollers for Twins

McLaren Twin Triumph Stroller

Running errands and going out and about with a baby can be very challenging for most parents. Strolling around twin babies can seem like an impossible task. Nowadays, there are many strollers that have been designed to make it easier for parents of twins to move around. The following models are very popular for their comfort, ease, and practicality.

The Side by Side
The Graco Duorider Double Stroller is made for transporting two babies side-by-side. It is an excellent option for babies to be able to communicate and play with each other. Parents reviewing this stroller have praised its maneuverability and ample storage.

The Tandem Style
Graco also provides an excellent option for parents looking for a tandem stroller. The Graco Duoglider Double Stroller was created specifically for twins and has some features, such as an elevated back seat for a clear view, that are tailored for babies of the same age. Both seats are very comfortable and have a canopy to protect each child from the sun.

The Light and Practical
The McLaren Twin Triumph Stroller is a more lightweight twin stroller that is very practical and easy to store, while maintain comfort. The stroller folds at a touch of a button, includes a five point harness system, and has a rain cover.

The City Rider
Strolling in pavement, sidewalks, and other uneven surfaces can be another challenge, but the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller makes this a breeze for parents of twins. It is designed for easy maneuvering in a wide variety of surfaces and can be adapted to carry infants or toddlers. The Bumbleride features sporty, water-resistant fabric, child carrier adapters, and a system that allows you to adjust each seat individually.

The Luxury Stroller
The Bugaboo Donkey combines luxury and convenience. It gives parents endless possibilities by allowing them to mix and match car seats and carrycots in any position and orientation that they like. A third carrycot can also be added to carry multiple babies. The Bugaboo Donkey does all of this while still maintaining style and the stability that has made Bugaboos so famous.