The Top Five Lightweight Strollers

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

A lightweight stroller is not only easier to push around and carry, it is also better for the environment because there is naturally less materials used. However, there are so many different makes and models out there that it is not always easy to choose. Surprisingly, finding a high quality stroller of this type does not have to break the bank. Here are the top five lightweight strollers:

1. Jet Stroller by The First Years – At less than $50 this is the most popular light stroller and it is easy to see why with all the great features. It has a very durable frame that can hold up to 50 lbs., and the tall handles, multi-position recline, and the five point harness always ensures a safe ride. This lightweight stroller is easy to fold and weighs only 11 lbs.

2. Ignite Stroller by The First Years – Just about $10 more than the first stroller on this list, although the features are worth the little extra cash. The features are basically the same as the first stroller, except the Ignite is a little sturdier and has a lower storage basket.

3. Cosco Umbrella Stroller – This is a really great spare stroller to have, as it is under $20, comes in a cute giraffe pattern, and only weighs about 6 pounds. It is the lightest stroller on the list but it can still hold a child that weighs up to 50 lbs.

4. Double Twin Stroller by Dream On Me – The perfect lightweight stroller for those with twins or more than one child! This double stroller features very lightweight construction, seats that fully recline, a 5 point safety harness, and adjustable umbrella canopies to protect from the hot sun.

5. Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller –The last of the top 5 lightweight strollers is this beauty by Jeep. It is a little pricier than the others but it is worth it. One of the highest quality strollers out there, and is the easiest to fold with its 1-hand folding system.