The Safest Water Guns for Kids

Water Warriors Colussus Water Blaster

Water guns are always wonderful to use and can be a great way for your children to enjoy playing with each other. The main problem with water guns is how they can be dangerous at times if they malfunction incorrectly. This is why so many people make sure to always look for the most safest guns available. There are actually many of them available, but only a few are actually worth buying for your children.

The Safest Water Guns for Kids

– Water Warriors Colussus Water Blaster

This gun has a pump handle and is designed perfectly for children 8 years of age and above. It is sized at 25.0 ” and has been considered as a very safe water gun. Children are even able to customize the dial to fit the way they want the water to squirt out. It can water up to 40 feet away, so it is very strong to use. It is important that children are always shooting from a good distance away from each other.

– Nerf Super Soaker Point Break

If your children enjoy shooting with water guns, you should consider buying this wonderful item. The Nerf brand always delivers wonderful products, and this Super Soaker can be perfect for them to use. This wonderful soaker is priced pretty low, and it is still able to offer a safe experience for your children.

– Max Liquidator Eliminator

The Max Liquidator Eliminator is formed in a floating device rather than a gun. If you have children who are very young, this is one of the safest water guns that they could use. It can even blast water of upto 30 feet if the water is pushed out faster than normal. Don’t be fooled by its size. It can easily shoot huge amounts of water, and the best part is that it was designed for the youngest of children to keep them safe during every time they use this gun.

The water guns above are all very well made. Protecting your children should be your goal during every water related activity. With the guns above, you can be sure that they will always be safe.