baby nursery ideal temperature

It is a known fact that every parent wants everything to go smoothly once their baby arrives to their nursery. Newborn babies should not have a high nor low temperature, as they are very delicate. A baby still isn’t capable of regulating their own temperature. This is why the room itself will need to be regulated to the proper temperature of your baby.

How Cool Should You Keep the Nursery

According to many studies, the proper, or ideal temperature of your baby’s nursery should be around 68-72 degrees. It is highly important for the temperature to consistently stay within this range, as an infants temperature-regulating system hasn’t fully regulated yet. Babies that weigh less than 6 pounds generally don’t have enough fat in their body’s to adapt to the different room-temperature shifts. However, babies that are born over 8 1/2 pounds will likely have enough fat in their body to adjust light temperature changes. If your baby temperature is increasing, place a fan in front of them to cool their temperature down. However, before you place the fan in front of your baby, make sure to thoroughly clean the fan. You do not want your baby to inhale dust or germs which the fan may possibly attain.

How to Keep Your Baby Cool In Their Nursery

Proper Clothes

The best type of material that your baby should wear is cotton, as it allows the baby’s body to have normal air circulation. If your baby has cold feet and hands, use another layer of clothing to avoid their temperature from lowering down. Don’t place a loose blanket over the baby, as infants cannot free themselves if a loose blanket creeps up to their face. Avoid clothing your baby in synthetic clothes, as it can be quite warm on the skin. During hot weather, it will be difficult to control the temperature of the room. Lessen the amount of bedding in your baby’s crib to avoid their body temperature from rising.

Keeping your baby’s temperature normal is very important, as having their nursery too cold or too hot can be quite dangerous for them. Install an air conditioner and heater into the nursery to control the temperature of the room whenever the weather changes. You do not want your baby to experience any problems when they are in their nursery.