As a parent being concerned for my child’s health is a top priority. I am carrying on the same tradition of sending my children to school with a lunch from home just as my mother did. Unlike the plastic baggies, paper sacks and other containers for carrying lunches I have taken time to learn about eco-friendly lunch containers for our kids and have found that there are a number of great ones on the market today.

There are guidelines to consider when purchasing an eco-friendly container for lunches. First, is the container free of BPA radicals? If the container composition breaks down after continuous use then it is not healthy or eco-friendly for carrying food for lunches.

Second, is the container sturdy? Chipping, cracking or coming apart would make the container a costly investment if the lifespan is short-lived.

Third, can the lunch container be washed in my dishwasher safely? In considering these three factors I have found the following eco-friendly lunch containers to be just what moms like myself have been looking to find.

The Thinkbaby is not just for very small children but the older ones like it also. It is one compartment that holds quite a lot. The inside is large enough for snacks and finger foods and can easily be stored in the backpack until lunchtime. Being sturdy and dishwasher safe make this a good purchase.

LunchBots come in styles with one, two, three or four compartments. Having several foods at lunchtime make this container a good value. Everything can be packed in one container and there is no plastic bag to throw away. Just wash and use again the next day. Check them out here.

If packing a light lunch for the small eater choosing Lunchskins may be just the right containers. These are reuseable bags that hold sandwiches and snacks. They can be either handwashed or washed in the dishwasher. A variety patterns are available. Also try Kids Konserve and Laptop Lunches containers.