Basics of Baby Safety

Baby Safety

There are lots to consider once a baby enters your home. Unfortunately it can be difficult to know ahead of time exactly what you need to in your home to keep your baby safe. Learning accurate information is definitely your job and one that should start immediately. There are many things on the market that parents assume are safe for their baby; yet down the road they realize that it causes a choking hazard or can lead to an accident. The truth is that everything from food, clothing and toys needs to be looked at for safety first.

Baby Safety Monitors

As you become a parent one of the most valuable things you can purchase is a baby monitor. Whether you choose an audio or visual monitor, the fact remains that every mom and dad can use an extra set of eyes and ears. They can be a great tool to let you know when your child needs you and can be used while your child is awake or asleep. One of the best aspects of having a baby monitor is that it gives you peace of mind.

As you purchase furniture for you child’s room always check the sturdiness of it. Whether you are looking at a bouncy seat, high chair, crib or dresser you should inspect it from a toddler’s point of view. Shake it, put pressure on the parts and ensure that nothing can come dislodged and that the screws and bolts are sturdy. Everything you purchase from your baby must be made well, with special care taken to cover sharp corners, hard edges and should be able to withstand the abuse that a baby or toddler will place upon it.

The Little Known Danger That Could Strangle Your Child

With all the cute clothing choices available for children you may not be able to resist that cute hoodie with your favorite team on it. The truth is that clothing should also be checked for safety. Anything with strings, ties and even zippers can cause accidents to a small child. Make sure that the fabrics you dress your child in are breathable so your baby wont over heat and look for flame retardant clothing. Clothes that have removable tags or decorations can easily turn into choking hazards for a small baby or toddler.

Look Around Your Home for Potential Safety Hazards

Imagine your child falling and hitting all the sharp edges and corners. Look at heavy items like TV’s and refrigerators and make sure they can’t topple over or be pulled out by the electrical cords. Inspect outlets, especially those down low and cover them before your child sticks something interesting inside it. Another huge hazard in the home is the stairs. Use installed safety gates at the tops and bottoms of stairs and be very careful when carrying your baby up and down the stairs.

There are tons of baby safety items and products on the market designed to help you keep your baby safe. The one thing that money can’t buy is parental supervision and common sense. As your life is turned upside down by a child make sure to turn your house upside down ensuring your environment is safe!