Are trampolines safe for children?

Because all children need exercise, I wanted to give my grandchildren something they would love and could get needed exercise all at the same time. A trampoline seemed to fit the bill, but with all the dangers they bring, I wanted to find the safest one for my young grandkids. Broken bones, sprains, neck injuries and strained muscles all are common injuries from jumping on this favorite piece of backyard equipment.

After some research I realized that there are many ways of making a trampoline a safe toy for kids to enjoy. A safety enclosure is important and will protect the jumpers from flying off trampoline. It is mandatory that the enclosure be used correctly and the kids do not jump against it.

Pads around the trampoline that cover the springs are very important. They do wear with time and may need to be replaced. No one should ever jump without the pads because they protect the kids from hitting their heads or falling between the springs.

The safest trampoline is one that it is built into the ground. Just like an in ground swimming pool, it is constructed right into the ground and lies completely flat. It is a lot harder to fall because the trampoline is level with the surrounding area and creates the safest way to play on this great toy. For me it was not possible to have one built into the ground so the next best thing was to make sure the trampoline was built on a level area of the yard. It needs to be away from trees and other things that might interfere with the trampoline.

Of course I know that all kids like to try tricks that could be dangerous for them to do on the trampoline. It is a good reminder that adult supervision is necessary. Because I was convinced that this was a great option for my grandchildren I did purchase one. I think the children will enjoy years of safe play with it and feel I bought the safest possible trampoline for the special little people in my life.