car seat safety

Statistics of Improper Car Seat Usage

The reports of deaths of children who are not restrained by proper car seats and seat belts are astonishing. A child can be ejected through a car window with a force up to 60 times their weight. This can happen to a child at car speeds of a mere 30 miles an hour. For an infant, the experience is like falling from the fourth floor of a four floor building. Improperly restrained children may also be detrimental to the driver or other passengers within the vehicle. Unrestrained children could distract the driver, resulting in an accident. The accident may result in the injury or death of the driver and other passengers.

Car Seat Selection

A properly fitting car seat is the most essential part of ensuring your child’s safety while they are passengers in an automobile. The process of selecting a car seat may be confusing. There are so many styles to choose from. However, the important thing to consider when selecting a car seat is that it is appropriate to the child’s size and weight. If the car seat does not fit the child’s body frame, chances are it will not provide maximum security for the child in the event of an accident. Ensure the selection of the car seat is compatible with the model and make of the transport vehicle.

Car Seat Safety Awareness Campaign

There is a new safety campaign in several states’ DMV departments that targets the approach to improve children’s car safety. Motor vehicle safety departments are educating parents with a “Child Safety Awareness” program. The safety campaign includes laws that have been implemented for car seat safety. Parents that do not comply with the car seat safety regulations will be ticketed and fined.

Most hospitals refuse to release new born babies to parents that have failed to comply with proper car seat safety. The seatbelt regulations have greatly reduced the number of fatalities and injuries to children involved in car accidents. As part of the campaign in one community, 300 car seats are to be given to parents who will have a baby within the next 12 months. This promotion is meant to draw attention to proper child safety seat use.

Campaign Safety Procedures

Child safety procedures are imperative for the the safety a child. Ensure installation procedures are followed by the manufacture’s instructions. Children should be properly secured in a vehicle on every excursion. It could be that “quick trip” to the market that results in devastation. A car seat that is rear-faced should never be placed in the front of vehicles with airbags. All children up to and including eleven year olds must utilize a child safety seat.

Parents set examples for their children’s future. Parents who buckle up on each excursion show their children they should also do the same.