Power Wheels 6 Volt Volkswagen Beetle Ride-On

My son loves his Power Wheels 6 Volt Volkswagen Beetle Ride-On. As any parent knows, kids love to feel like a grown-up and having a car they can drive themselves gives them just that feeling. It’s the first thing my son asks to play with each morning and the last toy he plays with each night.

There are many ride-ons available out there. It may seem like petty reasoning, but I didn’t see the point buying some monster truck or gas-guzzling Hummer when I try to set an environmentally conscious example for my little guy. The Volkswagen Beetle Ride-On was the perfect solution.

It has all the fun features of its less eco-friendly counterparts. The doors open easily and the single foot pedal operation is a cinch for my three year-old. It maxes out at a safe 2.5 miles per hour, has forward and reverse gears, power lock brakes and comes with the 6-volt battery and charger. The sticker graphics add to the realistic feel of this car. The Volkswagen Beetle also comes in a Barbie design if you are shopping for a girl.

The Volkswagen Beetle Ride-On is made by Power Wheels,a trusted name in children’s vehicles for more than 40 years. Power Wheels is made by Fisher Price, another dependable and trusted source of innovative and entertaining children’s toys. Each Ride-On is thoroughly tested for durability and safety in Fisher Price labs and in-home testing and comes with a limited Bumper-to-Bumper one year warranty.

I highly recommend the Volkswagen Beetle Ride-On if your little girl or boy is fascinated by driving, loves playing outdoors and enjoys feeling independent. Plus, choosing an eco-friendly car helps us as parents think we are doing our little part in shaping our child’s view of transportation in the future. Enjoy and happy riding!