A Quick Review of Wishbone Ride-On Toys

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There are many reasons why parents have taken such an interest on Wishbone Ride-On Toys. These toys have an innovative design including the rock and roll 3-in-1 wishbone flip. This toy is made from wood that has been sustainably grown. It’s brilliant, simple and offers three toys in one. The toy has a flipping mechanism that transforms it from a rocking to a rolling mode without having to use any tools to make the adjustment.

The flip mechanism was designed to adapt to a growing child. When my kid is around a year old, they will love the flipping mode. As they grow, i can adjust the base of the toy to enable push functionality. They can play with the toy by pushing it around or i can aid them to ride the toy around the compound. The toy even has an inner compartment for the baby to carry other small toys in the 3-in-1 wishbone.

These toys have four castor wheels. The baby can take rides around the house till they are contented. Then when they are tired with riding, i can flip back the toy to become a rocker. The only thing i have to do for the transformation is to press and turn the latch.

This is a toy that will grow with my baby; it is timeless and am sure your kid will also love it. It provides a combination of functionality as well as contemporary form.

Parents love these toys because:
• They save on money because your child would use them for years
• They are a production that is eco-friendly and safe for your kid as well as the planet. These toys are made from sustainably grown Beech wood, glue as well as non-toxic finishes. The manufacturing has a no plastic package policy
• Meets the international standards for safety and toxicity
• Can be used as a rocker or push toy

The wishbone 3-in-1 toy is a ride-on toy as well as a rocker. It is your child’s new favorite toy. This is a good choice for a birthday present. It is designed to offer extra play value well beyond that of any other toys.

Wishbone Ride-On Toys are recommended for all kids aged between 1 to 5 years. They can support weights of up to 30 kilograms and have an adjustable height of 8.6 to 9.4 inches in the rock mode and 10 to 10.8 inches in the ride mode. They come with a year warranty.