Toy Recall Alert: Tumblekins


I am always on the lookout for toy recalls – since so many toys these days are not made safely. The latest warning is for International Playthings Tumblekins toys. The company has now recalled over 30,000 of its Chinese-made Tumblekins wooden toys and play sets.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission released a warning to the public after several complaints and then subsequent testing that showed that the toys can easily break into sharp pieces that could well become a possible choking or laceration hazard.

Even though no injuries have been reported so far, we still recommend returning the toy right away to the store in which it was purchased – and they’ll give you a credit or a refund.

The recall of the toys, which were sold through most of last year, include the Tumblekins farm set, fire station, police car, roadster, off-roader, fire truck and school bus.