Build-A-Bear Recalls Colorful Hearts Bears

build a bear recall

Popular North American retailer Build-A-Bear has recalled 300,000 of their teddy bears due to issues with the bear’s plastic eyes falling out and choking children.

The Build-A-Bear Workshop company has issued the urgent warning for the Chinese-made Colourful Hearts Teddy Bears, which it sells in both the U.S. and Canada. This is the third time this year the DIY stuffed bear store has had attention drawn to the safety of it’s primarily Chinese-made products.

Build-A-Bear spokesman Jill Saunders said the problem may have been ‘substandard fabric’ and that they “discovered the issue while doing ongoing quality and safety checks and immediately reported the issue to the CPSC and began the recall process. That we have conducted three product recalls this year despite the fact that we have not received a single injury report related to any of those three products clearly demonstrates how seriously we take product safety.”

Build-A-Bear has advised buyers to contact their PR firm at 866-236-5683 with additional questions.