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When it comes to a toddler’s playroom, lighting is something that should be taken heavily into consideration. The lighting should be bright enough so that the children do not have to squint and can see clearly, but not so bright that it is too harsh for their young eyes.

How To Design Your Kids' Room | Designlike

Overhead lighting is the best choice for a toddler’s playroom. Floor lamps can be easily knocked down and may pose a health hazard for young children. There is lots of cute toddler playroom lighting ideas to choose from, such as wall sconces, overhead lighting and child-friendly chandeliers. If a table or dresser is high enough, a small lamp is also a good choice.

You can get creative with the lampshades for a toddler’s room, and have one with interesting characters, or have it match the color scheme of the playroom. Wall sconces should be fun and use simple shapes to keep the mood of the room young and energetic. Overhead lighting is always a great choice, as the toddler’s eyes never have to look straight at them. A lamp-chandelier hybrid is also a nice choice, as it is up and out of the way of boisterous children. The lampshades can be any color and in any number. There can be one in the center of the ceiling, or they can be wall sconces.

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Eco-Friendly Playroom Furniture Ideas and Tips

Kids Playroom Eco

Your home is one of the places where you have the control to make all areas showcase your personal sense of style and the lifestyle you choose to live. The goal of many parents nowadays is to impart as much eco-friendly design elements in to a home so that the house is a cleaner and greener place for kids to play and thrive.

If you have a children’s play area you can use a few simple green toddler playroom design tips to help bring a greener way of living even in to the play room of your home. Some of the ways you can make such areas more environmentally friendly is through the use of non-toxic materials and also use ecologically friendly paint, floor coverings and furniture. Take a look at my eco-friendly furniture pinterest page for more ideas.

Cute And Ecological Furniture For Kids Room By Hiromatsu Eco

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Rustic-Modern Toddler Bedroom Decor Ideas

Old Fashioned But Very Cute Kids Room

Do you love the feeling of a cozy bedroom, but wish some elements were more up to date? Try a new approach with a rustic modern style for a toddler’s room! Just take the elements that you love, and start mixing and matching.

For example, try beautiful natural wood for the bed, but use a modern bedspread with simple colors. You can also easily, and for very little money, accent the room with some gunmetal pull handles on the dressers or closet. Natural light is always great in a cozy, rustic room, so try to minimize the amount of harsh lights in the bedroom, and put in some thin curtains or blinds. A great place to achieve this look in any room is on the floor, check out some of the ideas here for rustic flooring.

Boys Room

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Modern Kitchen Playsets for Kids

Children’s Kitchen

If you were like me, lucky enough to have your parents get you your very own kitchen playset when you were a child, then you know where I’m coming from with this post. These are essential to any child’s ‘house’ setup. I can still remember the thrill of pretending to bake cupcakes and boil water for tea on the stovetop; just like the grownups!

I was lucky enough to have my dad build my play kitchen from scratch, he was always building us toys whenever he could find the time.

If you landed on this post then you are most likely a cute and caring parent who just wants the best toys for their kids to learn from, but what about yourself!? Isn’t it time you remodelled your own kitchen!! : )

Have a closer look at some of the wonderful kitchen play sets, designed just for the kids!

Children's Kitchen

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Adorable Baby’s Room Decorating Ideas

Nursery Decorating Ideas | Bedrooms

New mothers to be, know there is more to a nursery than just sticking a crib in the corner. Mothers to be usually choose baby bedroom décor ideas that are very contemporary in style. Most parents know within the first 6 or 7 months if they are having a boy or a girl. After the parents learn the sex of the unborn child, they will begin preparing for the birth of the child.

Choosing colors is the first part of preparing the nursery. Color is important and not always baby blue or pink. Once a color is chosen, and the painting is complete, the parents will decide on the perfect crib, changing table, and decorations to make the nursery fantastic. Some people look in areas such as thrift stores and consignment shops for items for their nurseries. Babies grow so fast, that the items in thrift stores or consignment shops are practically brand new. Contemporary style items are usually found in baby supply stores and furniture stores. Purchasing items from these places can help save the new parents money.

Baby Nursery Design Ideas

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Our Favorite Vintage 80’s Children’s Toys

Man Hand Held Arcade Style

Vintage children’s toys are a powerful, eclectic and inexpensive way to evoke the innocence of childhood and the joys of days gone by. Old cabbage patch dolls, for example, set nostalgic bones to tingling. Alphabet and number blocks connote the days before kindergarten, when these strange symbols held such mystery and promise.

With the rise in popularity of online vendors of secondhand everything, vintage children’s toys are slowly coming back into vogue, though not necessarily with children. While old velveteen rabbits and other stuffed animals still make great gifts for children, adults who once played with such toys as children are now seeking these old friends out.

Lite Brite

The list of 80’s vintage children’s toys is potentially endless, but a few perennial favorites include:

Waterful Ring-Toss
Glow Worm
Simon Says

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18 Super Cute Baby Cribs!

Cute White Crib

Finding out your expecting can be very exciting. Whether this is your first or 7th child adding onto your family is a true blessing. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing your house for your new little addition. However, the most work is going to be done in the baby’s nursery. Making a comfortable, calming and cozy nursery should be an enjoyable experience.

Froggy Crib

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The Coolest Classic Kids Toys

Lego Castle

When looking for the perfect toy for a child there are many different things to consider. These include how durable the product is, if it’s safe, and one of the most important things, will the child enjoy it. Here are some cool kids toys that are sure to put a smile on any kid’s face.

Lego Winter Village

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Fancy Nancy Kids Birthday Theme Party

These days, every parent wants to give their child a party that will stand out. Food and drinks, entertainment, and activities are the main components of every children’s party, and each should be considered when thinking of modern children’s party ideas.

Food and drinks does not have to be boring. When it comes to a child’s party, the food and drinks should be a part of the fun. One great idea is to incorporate food and activities. A contest (no judging necessary) where the children have various foods to choose from and must make a sculpture using toothpicks is an innovative idea. For drinks, a soda machine that uses water and various flavorings to make customized soda that is healthier than store-bought is also a fun activity for kids.

Kids Circus Party Idea

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Unique Bookcase Ideas for a Kid’s Room

Angular Bookcase

When it comes to planning the visual aesthetic of a child’s room, one aspect that is often overlooked at first is a bookcase. Of course, a bookcase is an important part of a kid’s room. It is important before they learn to read to have books to read to them, and it becomes much more important after they learn to read in order to encourage reading and learning.

However, you will want to ensure that your kid’s bookshelf will look cool and fit in with their room’s design scheme. Here are some ideas for cool kids bookcases.

Tree Shaped Bookcase

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