The Safest Sleds For My Kids

kids sled safety

My children love to play outdoors year round. In the coldest months of winter, playing in the snow provides us with hours of enjoyment. One of my family’s favorite activities on a snowy day is sledding. Last winter our love of sledding meant that a new snow sled was in order. That led to my search for the best snow sled for my children.

The first consideration I made when looking for a sled for my kids was safety. I ended up looking at two different sleds in this respect, because I wanted a sled that I could ride in with my younger child and a sled that my older child could enjoy independently. For the younger child, I considered a two seat sled to be the safest option, with handles to hold on to and seat belts. For my older child, I wanted a sled that offered handles for added safety down rough hills, as well as built in runners to help him keep the sled straight when sledding down uneven paths.

My next consideration was sled design. I ruled out wooden sleds because of the metal blades underneath. I have witnessed my children’s roaming hands more than once, and was afraid the metal blades would pose a risk for cuts and abrasions. I did like the blow up design that some sleds offered, but was afraid of punctures that would result in an unusable sled and a disappointing day for the family. In the end, I made a decision to purchase plastic sleds. They were lightweight, moved fast down hills and included a convenient rope to pull the sled uphill after each sledding experience.

My kids enjoyed many days of winter fun thanks to our new sleds. Their rosy cheeks were full of joy after every outing and I felt confident that I made educated and safe buying decisions.