The Best Starter Guitar for A Child


Having a child that is interested in music can be a very exciting thing. However, given the fragile attention spans of children these days, it cannot always be the most advisable thing to go out and purchase the best possible instrument for whatever they might be into at the time. If they are into playing the guitar, than you need to think about the best comprised guitar for their particular beginning skill level. There are several good starter guitars, but this article will focus on one in particular.

Depending on the age of your child, you might not even want to get an actual full bodied, six-string guitar. However, I can only assume that if you are looking here, you are looking to find a guitar for someone who is actually wanting to learn to play.

You need to have something that is simple for them to begin playing. This has a lot to do with the spacing of the strings from one another as well as the spacing from the strings to the fret board. There are smaller bodied guitars which boast thinner fret boards. This would be easier for smaller hands and fingers to form chords, ultimately helping your child learn to play faster and more effectively.

In the same sense, these guitars have a much lower action. Action is the space in between the strings and the fretboard. This is a statement to how hard your fingers have to push down to hold a chord in place. The lower the action of the guitar, the less pressure that needs to be applied. Beginner guitarists can benefit from a thinner fret board and a lower action.

Surprisingly, you are going to be able to find a solution for a reasonable amount at a store we’ve all heard of. Walmart has a small selection of guitars, albeit primarily online, designed for children who are just learning to play. The brand name of these is First Act. While they are not a company that you see rock legends endorsing, they have been around for many years, and have made a good name for themselves in the realm of starter guitars.

These guitars are available based on age and guitar body size, so you can easily look over available products online and determine what is the best option and style for your little musician.