kids picnic table

Kids love to feel like they have their very own kid-sized furniture – which is easy enough in the bedroom, but now possible out on the deck or in the backyard! These children’s picnic tables are wonderfully colorful, and just the right size for your little ones and their friends to have their private table at the barbecue!

The table has the look of wood, but it’s made from recycled plastic (specifically – post-consumer bottle waste, such as milk and detergent bottles) so it can take a beating and is very easy to clean up – something parents need to consider when buying their kids outdoor furniture.

The manufacturers have also taken into consideration how a lot of plastic furniture can fade after a year or two in the sun – and they’ve used a non-toxic UV-inhibited pigment system that will reduce the fading, and keep your table looking new year after year – or at least until your children outgrow it!

Because the picnic table isn’t made of wood, you don’t have to worry about splintering or woodrot – two factors that claim most wooden picnic tables after a few years of use. Another bonus? This table is made in the US – so you’ve also made a good decision for the environment in that the table hasn’t been shipped across the ocean to get to your backyard! This reduces the carbon footprint of this table dramatically!