Many parents feel that it’s important to not only pay attention to becoming eco-friendly, but they also want to teach their little ones how to live the sustainable lifestyle as well. This is why many parents are planning eco birthday parties for toddlers.

It’s actually quite easy to plan a fun and eco-friendly birthday party for toddlers. This is especially true for this age group, because toddlers don’t require very much. The fact that there are other kids around to play with are often good enough for these young tykes! However, since party planning is such a major event for the adults, here are a few suggestions for parents to use within their party planning scheme.

– Parents can write the party invitations on recycled paper, or upon paper that is made with plantable seeds. This helps to give back to the earth, while announcing the child’s birthday party.

– Parents can make party favors out of newspapers, or out of other types of recycled materials. Example of party favors include windmills, streamers, or fun paper masks that can be colored on with beeswax crayons or with colored pencils. Parents can come up with lots of creative ideas that will help keep the kids entertained and busy.

– Here’s a cute and efficient way to serve drinks. Use fun and reusable drink containers, such as Mason canning jars. These can purchased in small sizes. They can be kept cool in a recycled aluminum bucket full of ice. This beats keeping juice or punch in a bowl that will attract bugs and allow for juice to spill everywhere.

– Save money while serving cake efficiently and neatly. Serve Whoopie pies instead of serving slices of a big sheet cake. Whoopie pies require no plates or forks, and they are portable. Top the birthday Whoopie pie with eco-friendly candles, such as a beeswax candle.

Other green ideas include sending the kids home with party favors wrapped in reusable or recycled paper wrapping. You could also ask the other parents to choose more eco-friendly gifts for your little one. There are lots of activities that can be engaged in, that allow kids to learn how to nurture and respect the earth.