Marvel Hero Birthday Party

One of the hottest trends to hit the big screens in recent years has been the invasion of Marvel Superheroes. Kids are responding in a big way, and perhaps now more than ever, they want to play superhero dress up. Yet with Halloween only once a year, what are they to do? The answer is Marvel Hero Birthday parties.

The first challenge is establishing the cast of characters. Option one is to let every child come as their favorite and risk having 3 Iron Mans at the party, option two is trying to coordinate ahead of time, maybe letting the birthday person pick first and drawing names from a hat as to who picks next. It’s also not necessary that the kids arrive in costume at all. Face painting or costume/mask-making could become part of the party itself.

Party-goers could potentially form two groups of heroes that then play in friendly competition while engaging in fun-filled activities. The Avengers may certainly be the team currently most on everyone’s mind, but don’t forget about the Uncanny X-Men… they can be more than a match for Captain America and his crew! The two teams could work together, or try to show off their power in competition… but at the end of the day, they are all still heroes.

When dreaming up activities for the kids to participate in on their superhero adventure, all that’s necessary is to think like a comic book adventure, and modify accordingly. Set up interesting terrains for their adventure. A water sprinkler/pool party could become a standoff of Earth’s mightiest heroes at an exotic waterfall or island. Scavenger hunts are now a search for powerful alien stones that have crashed to Earth. Racing with an egg or a potato on a spoon transforms into rushing innocent bystanders to safety. You could even decorate these food items to look like people!

If there’s one party secret to getting the kids behind the activities, it’s making events like a video game that their bodies are actually participating in.