birthday camping kids

Guests that are over for an outdoor camping birthday party require fun activities to keep them all occupied and interested. The first step in this process is sending out invitations for the party. Include the image of a tent on a card that will be sent to other families. Make sure to include any instructions for items that will be needed such as a sleeping bag and a spare set of clothes and shoes.

Set up the camp in a backyard area. Set up a tent and then find wood to use for a campfire. Place pieces of logs around the area of the campfire to use for seating. When this is done you can then determine all the activities to provide for the kids.

A tried and true activity for any backyard birthday party is a scavenger hunt. To do this, a set of items is required and can be placed in a pillowcase. These include items such as glow sticks, flashlights, a snack food and anything else fun. Tie the pillowcase to a tree and then create a map to the location. Divide the kids at the party into groups and send them out to find the package of goodies.

When the sun has set, a fun activity is to use flashlights to play tag. Hide and seek is another activity to play at a backyard camping party. When these activities are finished, a campfire can be started. You can have the kids go out and collect wood to use for the fire. Prepare a stack of wood before the party starts that will be used for the fire. When the fire is ready, begin melting marshmallows and chocolate for use with graham crackers. This is a perfect time to tell a ghost story or other spooky stories.

Cooking food over the campfire is another fun activity. Foods to cook include hot dogs and dinners that are placed in tin foil. Heat from the fire will cook the hot dog or to cook the contents of a foil dinner. To do this you need to use a long stick that can be held over the fire. A birthday cake that has been decorated with a camping theme can also be provided to have after dinner.