princess birthday party

Most little girls love princesses and dream of being one themselves. A princess themed birthday party is the perfect way to give your daughter a fun-filled day that she’ll never forget, while allowing her to be a princess for a day. There are many different princesses out there that your birthday party could be themed around. Some of the most popular choices include the entire Disney roster of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Instead of choosing one princess to theme the birthday party around, it can simply be a general princess theme where all princesses are welcome. Here are a few tips that can be used when planning a princess birthday party.

1. Purchase themed decorations. No party is complete without the extravagant decorations. Golden ribbons dangling from the ceiling, balloons in royal colors such as purple, gold, and pink, and glass slippers placed upon the tables as centerpieces all make excellent decoration ideas for a princess party.

2. Place crowns in front of every seat for guests to wear. Girls love playing dress up and getting their very own crown will make them all feel like real queens and princesses on this royal day.

3. Allow guests to wear princess costumes to the party. A costume party makes the event seem more realistic and will be lots of fun for the birthday girl and her guests. Since some guests may not have costumes, you can also create your own costumes at the party, which makes for a fun activity.

4. Rent a play castle or bounce house for your backyard. If you’re planning on going all out on this theme party, children love bounce houses. Look into renting one that is shaped like a castle to stick with the theme of your birthday party.

5. Pink or royal themed party supplies such as paper plates, cups, napkins, and goody bags are must-haves. These can be purchased at nearly any party supply store and will have your favorite princess or princesses on them.

6. Order a birthday cake with a princess theme. White and pink icing and heart shaped sprinkles will make the perfect cake.