kids eat free birthday restaurant

Even if there are some people who do not look forward to their birthday, children always do. You can make your child’s birthday even more special while getting a bit of a cost break if their birthday celebration happens at a restaurant that recognizes their special day. Chuck E. Cheese’s is one of the most widely recognized restaurants that can make the birthday child feel special. Not only do they get free pizza, but also a crown and gifts. Free game tokens for your child and friends and Chuck E. Cheese himself sings Happy Birthday.

Joining a birthday club is a great way to make sure your child has a great birthday experience. The Baskin Robbins birthday club offers a free cone on the big day, and a discount on an ice cream cake for a celebration at home. The Burger King Crown club offers a free kids hamburger meal and offers online games, crafts and activities.

The California Pizza Kitchen Kids’ Birthday Club provides a free kid’s meal that is available for their entire birth month. Some restaurants offer free food and gifts to adults as well as children. If you are a member of the Red Robin e-club, you will get a free hamburger on your birthday, and a gift just for signing up.

These are some of the most recognized restaurants with free meal deals for kids and adults on their birthday. There are likely some local restaurants that want to recognize the birthday of their clients with a free meal and possibly a song. If you plan to take your child to their favorite restaurant for their birthday celebration, call the restaurant ahead of time and arrange for a birthday cake (or cupcake) with candles, accompanied by someone singing Happy Birthday.