A Safari Themed Kids Birthday Party

kids safari party

Kids and animals are the perfect combination at a party. Although puppies, kittens and farm animals definitely have the cute factor going on but what about upping the ante by bringing a safari to town? What kid is going to be bored when the theme of that birthday party is focused on tigers, lions and elephants?

Invite Guests to an Adventure

Create invitations that are designed as though they were passports to another country. Africa or Australia would be great destinations for those little guests.

Checking out the Sights

Make some fun party favors that are inexpensive and totally recyclable. Use the cardboard tubes from rolls of paper towels and create binoculars and telescopes. Need a camera? With some construction paper and empty candy boxes you can make a kid-friendly smart phone with picture taking capabilities.

Search and Discover

With a scavenger hunt you can send young party guests out on an educational adventure. Let them search for stuffed animals that you have hidden in strategic locations. This can help teach kids about the natural habitats and behaviors of animals. For instance a monkey may be found swinging on a tree limb and a tiger might be found sleeping in tall grass.

Mix and Match

Use cardboard to make cut-outs of the countries where specific animals are found. Have a contest to see who can match the most animals with the right country. Make the game easy or difficult according to the ages of the kids attending the party.

Go Wild

Help the guests paint their faces so they resemble their favorite wild animal. Provide the kids with lots of old clothing and help them create safari based outfits. A pith helmet would be really cool, but imagination can make almost any hat work. Play music that includes animal noises or songs about wild animals. Give prizes to the guests that can mimic the most animal sounds.

Animal Crackers

A big bowl of animal crackers can make a perfect centerpiece for the table. Create a pyramid made from boxes of animal crackers and then let the kids take turns knocking the structure over with balloons or foam balls. Sure, most of the tosses will miss the target but it is just a lot of fun to try and hit the mark with a balloon.