race car party

When planning any child’s birthday party, it is a great idea to have a theme for them. I have found that many little boys and girls love having a race car themed birthday party. Now that a theme is picked out, it is time to determine all of the various items you will want to have.

The first thing to start with are the various decorations that I use when having a race car themed birthday party. Having some checkered flags hanging within the party area, along with balloons and streamers that are black, red, and white is a great start to the decorating. There are also numerous types of race car plates, napkins, and cups that will help finish off the theme.

Another part of planning a themed birthday party is to have activities that also coincide with the theme. When the location of the party permits, I like to set up a race track. The race can either be on foot or by using something such as bicycles, push toys, or other children’s toys. I also have some type of prizes or trophies for those that win the races. Another great activity for those race fans is to do some vehicle painting. Using matchbox cars and children’s washable paints, it is a fun and entertaining activity that all of the children will enjoy.

No party is complete without party favors for the children as well. In sticking with the theme, I use matchbox cars or other types of cars, checkered flags, race car stickers, race car deck of cards, and fun car shaped candies and suckers.

Themed parties are extremely fun for children and ensuring that everything goes with the party theme makes it even more exciting for them.