A Carnival Themed Kids Birthday Party

carnival theme kids birthday

Children love carnivals and when they are having a birthday party, a carnival themed kids birthday party is a great way to go. Theme parties are all the rave and everyone wants to have one for their child. A carnival makes for a child friendly theme and it can even be made to fit into an eco-friendly party too.

There are many things that you can do to make your carnival themed party friendly to both your guests and the environment. For example, when selecting prizes for the children, select gifts that are made from renewed materials. Keep in mind that many of the carnival games can be made from things that you would normally throw out. For example, cans can be used for the can toss game and these can be recycled at a later time.

Another thing you can do is use old cloth to make bean bags for the children to throw at a bean bag toss or the tin can alley. Avoid doing games that use things that create more of a problem for the environment. For example, we all know that balloons are not eco-friendly. Knowing this, you avoid making any games with balloons.

You will not run out of carnival games to play because most any game can be adapted to fit this theme. You can use a ball and can to make a golf game or dig a small hole in the dirt outside for the ball to roll into. You can make a bowling game from weighted bags or cans and the list goes on and on. The types of games are only limited by your imagination.

One very cool game that can be made easy is the bottle stand up game. All you need is a few bottles, some string and a ring. You tie the ring onto the end of the string and try to hook the bottle with it. When they stand the bottle up, they win.

Regardless of which games you pick for your carnival themed kids birthday party, the children are going to love them. They are fun and each one will make your child’s party amazing. These ideas should give you some inspiration to create your own carnival games and make your little one’s birthday party super fun.