LittleMissMatched TV Stand


For the child that loves to draw on everything in sight comes a product that’s sure to delight both kids and parents. The LittleMissMatched TV stand is an innovative product that takes a normal everyday piece of furniture and turns it into a blank canvas of artistic expression! The TV stand is finished on all surfaces with glossy white dry-erase material so your child and draw on it over and over again!

For even more customization, each door has a circle opening that serves as a handle and a space to place any of the 6 included colored panels. Your child can mix and match colors and shapes and create a new looking TV stand everyday. There are even 2 clear panels so you can slide your own photos or drawings in! And the features don’t stop there. The LittleMissMatched TV Stand also has a removeable fabric cushion that transforms this TV stand into a cute and cuddly storage bench! Filled with charm and personality this TV stand takes creative expression to a whole new level.

Please Note: Use only dry-erase board pens and accessories. Never use permanent markers or other writing tools, as these will damage the surfaces.