Top 5 Halloween 2012 Costumes for Babies

baby pumpkin costume

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I look forward to it every year and enjoy dressing up. When I had kids, this holiday became even better. I love seeing personalities come alive through costumes. Even the shyest little one has an easier time expressing their identity during Halloween. Here are the top five costumes for your baby.

Minnie Mouse

If you have a baby girl, you might enjoy dressing her up as Minnie Mouse. There are several adorable Minnie costumes for little girls. You can take the costume to the next level and draw some whiskers on her face as well. Finish this look with some cute black shoes and she will look perfect.


If you have a boy, you might want to dress him up as a superhero. It’s never to young for boys to get involved with action figures. There are several cute superman costumes that will look adorable on your little man. They might even give you a glimpse at what the future holds.


All babies can be dressed up as pumpkins. This is one of the best costumes for your little baby. Both boys and girls look adorable in a large pumpkin. It compliments the chubby baby cheeks and will also keep your baby warm during cold Halloween nights.


At Halloween it is very fitting to see little babies dressed up as animals. One of the cutest animal costumes is a Lion. The headpiece on this costume is unique and fun. This costume can also work on both sexes. However, it is more common for baby boys. It’s a cute costume option that can also be reused when you have another baby.


Finally, consider dressing your baby up as a ghost. This costume is very fitting for the holiday season. It’s easy too. It’s a great costume to choose if you are on a budget. You can even create the ghostly look with a pillowcase. There are also several ghost costumes available for your baby. It’s a great option for both girls and boys.

Have fun dressing your baby on Halloween. Try one of these top-rated costumes that will make your baby look perfect this Halloween.