girls superhero costume

Classics seems to be the theme for The top 5 halloween costumes for kids this year. Some of the most popular timeless characters will be making an appearance on doorsteps across America this Halloween, along with a few of the newer, more popular characters.

Boys, young and old, never seem to tire of playing the superhero. Luckily this year these good guys can be brought to life with the help of a new superhero costume. Some of the more popular heroes will be walking around this Halloween, and don’t be surprised to see Spider Man, Captain America, and yes, even the most popular Ranger of all, the Gold Power Ranger, will be Trick or Treating until night falls. Girls have their own classic superheroes and villains and this year they will be coming out in full force. The more popular costumes that will be seen on girls this year include Cat Woman, and even the female take on the ever popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The years may go by but for little girls the fairy tale never ends. For 2012 the most popular girls Halloween costumes are the classic Princesses. From Disney Aurora to Brave Merida, little girls will feel like the bell of the ball when they adorn one of these beautiful classics.

Monster High
The Monster High fashion dolls, as well as the novels, made their big debut in 2010, and little girls have been eating them up ever since. Since their debut these little creatures have made their way to their own TV specials, video games, and even apps for the iPhone. This year Monster High fanatics can dress up as their favorite character with the new Monster High costumes that are hitting the shelves.

For 2012 one of the more popular Halloween costumes for boys are soldiers. These are not just any soldiers, they are all from G.I. Joe. Snake Eyes, one of the more popular Joes, will be out ringing doorbells this year. There is more than just Joe this year on the Halloween front, costumes for boys that follow this popular dress up fantasy include Navy Seals, Special Ops, and even Fighter Jet Pilots.

Boys, and girls alike will be delighted that they get to play a grown up for a day. Kids can be transformed into their future dream careers with the help of Police guy or gal costumes, doctor costumes, nurse costumes, firefighter costumes, and even famous chef costumes.