weighted blankets autism

Weighted blankets were initially intended to help treat children and adults with anxiety and insomnia. Most recently, weighted blankets have been effective in treating children with sensory processing disorders such as Autism, PTSD and ADHD as well. A weighted blanket is made up of two layers with small beads or weights in between. Weighted blankets have a calming effect on children with autism and help them fall asleep. Although weighted blankets are not sold in mainstream stores, they are widely available online. With so many choices in weighted blankets and such a wide variety of fillers used to make them, it’s important to choose the best blanket for the autistic child in your home. Below are our top 3 picks for the best, most eco-friendly market for your little ones.

DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets
Dream Catcher was started by Eileen and JC Jackson. They have an autistic son and desperately needed to find a way to help him get a good night’s sleep. After purchasing several weighted blankets, they came up with their own design and started their business. Dream Catcher designs their blankets to be the perfect fit in size, weight and fabric and offer covers for their blankets as well. Dream Catcher uses Poly-Pro Pellets as their fillers and ensures that their blankets are the best quality available. Dream Catcher weighted blankets are made in the U.S.A. from non-toxic materials and the filler is not re-purposed. Many hospitals and long-term care facilities use Dream Catcher Blankets and they are highly recommended in private homes as well.

Cozy Calm Weighted Blankets
Cozy Calm Weighted Blankets were designed by the company’s owner, Eileen. She created the blankets initially to help her treat her sensory processing disorder and autism. Cozy Calm blankets come in different weights depending on what weight a person needs. They can be wiped down or washed in a washing machine and are made of soft, pliable medical fabric. Cozy Calm weighted blankets contain an inner liner. The liner is then sewn into the blanket in intervals in order to prevent the beads from falling out if the stitching is damaged. Cozy Calm blankets are machine washable and can be dried in a machine or hung to dry. Customer service is a top priority for Cozy Calm. If your weighted blanket is not the right weight or size, they’ll exchange your blanket at no extra charge. You can find them here.

SensaCalm Weighted Blankets
SensaCalm weighted blankets were created when David, the company‘s owner, found out that weighted blankets may help his autistic grandson. Instead of buying a blanket, he and a friend created their own version of a weighted blanket and SensaCalm was born. SensaCalm blankets are available in a variety of different sizes and styles. There are even weighted blankets specifically designed for cribs. Weighted wraps and lap pads are also part of SensaCalm’s line. For weight, SensaCalm uses plastic pellets commonly used in toys combined with Polyfil to make the blankets softer and fuller. They’re hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. All fabrics used for the blankets are 100% cotton, machine washable and can also be machine dried.

Dream Catcher, Cozy Calm and SensaCalm are all designed by those personally affected by autism and sensory processing disorders to ensure you get the best product for your child.