With so many different backpack options on the market these days, it can be rather difficult to figure out which ones are right for our children. While our kids are always going to love the ones with their favorite cartoon character or sports team, it’s important to remember that their safety and health should be our top priority. There are many brands to choose from when you go to the store or shop online, so here are the facts that you need to know before you make your purchase.

First of all, Jansport and L.L. Bean backpacks are usually going to be the best options when it comes to safety and durability. These backpacks are going to last a long time, and I have been using the same backpack for multiple children over the years. There are different types of backpacks available with each brand, and I actually prefer the rolling backpacks for the smaller children. When a child is struggling to carry all of those books and binders and his or her backpack, it becomes rather obvious that a rolling backpack is going to be a better option.

The backpacks that I try tell everyone to avoid are the ones sold at department stores with various cartoon characters and flashy colors displayed on them. These backpacks are simply made to grab a child’s attention while he or she are at the store, and there is not a lot of reliability that goes along with these options. Some of my children have begged me for one of these backpacks, but I ended up getting them one of the better brands instead. My child may be angry at me for that day, but at least I know that backpack is going to last until they are in the 20s.

I always try to stick to online stores when I shop for something like a backpack for my 10 year old because that is where you will be able to get the most in depth analysis of all of your options. Instead of going to the store and looking at some poor quality options, I take my shopping online and stick with the brands that I trust.