Fooz Kids – How it Works

fooz kids

Fooz Kids is a safe place online where children can create, discover, learn, play and connect in a parent controlled environment. Fooz Kids is available in 56 countries and is available in 36 different languages and can be used on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Fooz Kids offers many different things for your children to learn and experience:

Children are able to discover websites, videos, games and crafts based on their favorite characters Using the Creator, children can make a virtual re-creation of themselves. This app allows the child to change their hair color and allows them to change their clothing.

Children can browse through the Fooz Kids Mall to find clothing and accessories for their virtual character. The Fooz Kids Places is set up to resemble their room. Here children can decorate by choosing their own furniture and accessories and then invite their pre-approved friends over to check it out.

Parents can set up and manage their child’s list of friends in the Friends section. Kids Mail is your child’s first attempt at using email. With Fooz Kids Mail, your child can type, draw, doodle and add stickers and share with those on their friends list.

Video Mall allows your child to send video email as well as allowing them to record, send and receive video messages. The Fooz Kids University is a great tool to help your pre-K through 5th grade child master their math skills. The free books creator allows children to create stories that parents can to preserve into hard or soft cover books. The University Challenge allows children from all over the world to compete against one another in math competitions.

So, for you parents who are looking for a fun, educational, safe place for your young children online; take a look at Fooz