Make Your Own Healthy Freezer Pops!

homemade freezer pops freezies

Why buy freeze pops from the store that are full of sugar, unwanted calories and they all carry a steep price tag. Popsicles are all the rage in the summer time heat for children and even adults but this summer homemade freezies have really broken out on the scene. What more could you want on a steamy day than to give your child a refreshing freezer pop especially when they are easy too make so any mom can make them, nutritious and of course the best part is you know exactly what you are putting inside your child’s belly. Homemade freeze pops are super simple and you can make any flavor sensation you want using all natural ingredients; some include yogurt, milk, fruit juice, even fresh fruit and for all those chocolate lovers there are many homemade freezie recipes too to satisfy that craving.

One very basic way to make homemade freezer pops uses only fruit and yogurt. To start off you are going to want to make sure you own a set of Popsicle molds. Because homemade Popsicle have become so popular you can find molds pretty much at any grocery store or of course a kitchen accessories store. Next you are going to want to pick out what flavors you want your freezie to be; whatever your child prefers. Whether that is strawberry-banana, lime-blueberry, orange-banana or just simply strawberry or raspberry. Once you have decided on a flavor you will need to buy the fruit and yogurt for your freezie. For example, a strawberry-banana freezer pop would require the purchase of strawberry yogurt and fresh bananas. You then need eight ounces of yogurt and about a third of a cup of banana; then throw it all in a blender to puree. Lastly, just fill your molds with the blended mixture and freeze. This is a very simple recipe but you can spice them up a bit by adding half a cup of frozen orange juice concentrate. A chocolate craving can be fulfilled by using chocolate pudding.

Homemade freezie pops are a great and easy recipe to try out because you can easily experiment with any flavors you or your child desires. They are also healthier because you know exactly what you are putting in the frozen treats so you can monitor how much sugar is used and substitute with healthier options.