eco cupcakes

A child’s birthday party is the perfect venue for introducing children to green and eco-friendly topics and practices. Along with the paperless, electronic invitations and earth-oriented party games, an eco-friendly party must include eco-friendly food.

Eco-friendly cupcakes start with eco-friendly ingredients. Everybody loves carrot cake, so what could be more delicious than carrot-cake cupcakes? Using organic versions of whole wheat pastry flour, eggs, oil, carrots and walnuts make the cake healthy and eco-friendly. Organic versions of cream cheese, butter, confectioner’s sugar, lemons and lemon juice are used for the frosting.

Alternatively, the carrot flavor can be substituted with any fruit or flavoring for a different organic recipe. Natural colorings should be used to color the frosting if desired. Mixing crushed berries or other fruits can add a nice natural hue to the cake or frosting. Natural food colorings in various colors also can be found in health food stores.

Eco-friendly decorating ideas include green food coloring, earth colored cupcakes, or eco-friendly messages written on the cupcakes. Each cupcake could contain a letter or two to spell out an eco-friendly message. For a lesson about the solar system, each cupcake could be decorated to represent one of the planets. Animal-themed cupcakes depicting rainforest animals are a fun idea. Alternatively, the cupcakes can each have the face of a farm animal, such as a pig, on them. This is in keeping with the organic farm theme. Endangered species could also be depicted and used as a teaching moment about the environment.

Plates and eating utensils should also be eco-friendly. The typical plastic, paper and Styrofoam tableware used at parties only fill the landfills. Compostable tableware fits the eco-theme and can be taken to a composter afterward. Alternatively, investing in a set of reusable tableware is a good economical and eco-friendly choice.

Decorations are another consideration. Balloons are not good for the environment and can be disastrous to marine animals. Reusable Chinese lanterns and felt banners are a safe and festive choice. Paper bag piñatas are a fun decoration.

With a little planning, eco-friendly birthday parties are as fun and simple to assemble as traditional birthday parties. They can be fun and educational for the children as well.