Review – Widge iPad Case for Kids

Widge iPad Case for Kids

iPads are fantastic devices to encourage learning. With many applications to choose from to help a child’s reading, writing, math, etc., they offer a new opportunity for children to learn with new technology. I know that the thought of handing off your household Ipad off to the younger members of your family is enough to make you cringe dollar signs, as the image of the ipad crashing to the ground repeats in your head.

Anticipating that there might be some necessity to protect ipads form the curious,eager, and, admittedly dangerous, hands of the young, several products have come on the market, made to make sure that this doesn’t happen. The Widge ipad case was designed with this in mind. The Widge has models for third generation ipads and models for ipad 2. Priced around forty dollars, given the typical cost of Apple accessories, it’s a steal.

It’s name sake comes from the wedge shape design it has, angled for floor and table use, it can also be propped up on longways. It’s made from durable rubber material designed to absorb the concussive force of a fall from a slippery hand. The whole thing is somewhat bulky, aimed at being easier to grab firm hold of from multiple angles, though it does have a carrying handle on the back.

The only thing left vulnerable to less than careful ways of a young child is the screen. The Widge does not remove the need for a screen protector. The screen protector will save it from being scratched, as your child my decide that a quarter, or a pen is better than their finger, and The Widge will save the screen from shattering. As much of the screen remains exposed with The Widge as any other typical iPad cover, the dense rubber covering all sides will make it virtually(by clumsy kid standards)indestructible.

The case is also not so horribly designed, like so many other kid products. It avoids being overbearingly silly and child oriented by being a solid color and devoid of childish images. You could, if you and your children share an iPad, leave the cover on at all times. Assuming it doesn’t often leave the house.

The bulkiness of The Widge does make it much less convent to transport, but the case is easily removed and replaced when necessary. Best of all, The Widge allows you to take comfort in handing your child an expensive piece of technology, while allowing you, and your child, to take full advantage of the learning potential contained within.