How Young is Too Young for an iPad?


Just because a toddler is able to operate and play games on the Apple iPad, doesn’t mean that they should. Many toddlers of just age two are successfully able to use the iPad tablet. When many children see their parents using one, they want to be able to try it as well. It’s something new, fun, and exciting for them to learn. Because the iPad is so easy to use, it makes is simpler for small children to operate. With the many different applications, there are plenty of games for children of all ages to play, some even available for free. Once parents introduce their children to games, it becomes addicting and they may start asking to play on it all the time. Some parents have even went so far as to buy their toddlers their very own iPads.

Along with the iPad, comes safety risks for children. It is said that the iPad can actually be bad for small children’s brains, similar to how television, video games, computers, and cell phones are also not healthy for developing brains. If you sit you child down in front of the tablet for hours at a time, of course it can be bad for them. However, when monitored correctly and given a select period of time per day to play with the iPad, it can actually be very educational. Recent studies have actually shown that children from ages three to seven picked up on how to use the iPad in just minutes, opening applications and jumping right into game play. This was done much faster than studies have shown children to operate laptops and desktop computers. Not only can prolonged use of the iPad be harmful to developing brains, but there are also safety concerns for the tablet itself. They can be quite expensive, and if not handled correctly, it could potentially break. When children are given one, it puts the product at a greater risk of being dropped, having something spilled on it, and other common accidents. If you are going to be letting your child play with the iPad, it is very important that they are constantly monitored.

Years ago, children grew up in households that did not have tablets or other electronics. Play time was done through toys and running around outside. While many children love the opportunity to play on the tablet, it is still important that they receive play time away from the electronics. While the educational games on the iPad can provide a good learning experience for your child, it is also necessary that they receive the proper amount of physical activity and social interaction.