Fisher-Price iXL

fisher price ixl

This is going to be one of the hottest toys for kids this Christmas. It’s like an iPad for kids!

Fisher-Price’s iXL is a learning tool for childred that lets them read interactively, draw, look at pictures and play games. There are six programs that come with the iXL: story book, game player, music player, art studio, note book, and photo album. The story book reads out loud and lights up words as they go along; the note book helps kids practice their handwriting by providing upper case letters to trace; the art studio offers easy options for drawing with brushes or stamps on a variety of cartoon backgrounds.

And just like an iPad/iPhone, more programs will be downloadable in months following launch. New programs, as well as music files and pictures, can be loaded via USB or with the built-in SD card slot.The iXL became available in October for $79.99