5 Great iPad Apps for Kids

iPad apps for kids

It is no secret that Apple’s iPad has revolutionized communication and business practices in the corporate world. One thing iPad developers may not have expected is the way the iPad has revolutionized learning for young children. The following apps are highly ranked, affordable top tier iPad apps that will appeal to and stimulate all facets of a child’s brain. The target age of the apps ranges from toddlers to kindergarten and a strong iPad case is advised.

1. Ace Writer – Alphabet Series

For under three dollars, Ace Writer offers a great opportunity for children learning to write letters. It demonstrates how children can draw letters and allows them to trace the lines with their fingers. The app not only supports both upper and lower case letters, it shows a word that starts with each letter, and lets children hear the sound of each letter. Ace writer is a bright and engaging genuine educational app which will give children a necessary head start in the classroom.

2. Sound Touch

The Sound Touch app, costing around four dollars, is great for toddlers or developmentally delayed children who have not yet developed fine motor skills. It features bright colors, sounds, and touching big buttons. There are six categories of objects – household objects, musical instruments, vehicles, domestic animals, wild animals, and birds.

3. Talking Carl

Talking Carl is an app with a simple premise: say anything to Carl and he will repeat it back in a very high pitched voice. If it sounds annoying as an adult it is because it is annoying but children can spend hours shouting things at him just to have him shout back even louder. They can also poke him, tickle him, and pinch him to elicit various responses. At just over a dollar, it is a deal.

4. Teach Me: Kindergarten

Priced at under one dollar, this app features a talking mouse guiding children through exercises in basic math, spelling, and “sight words”. They become progressively more difficult and with every three correct answers, children earn a coin they can use to purchase stickers. Many reviewers note that in particular, the math exercises do a good job of explaining how to add and subtract by counting objects and solving equations. There are also a toddler version and a first grade version of the Teach Me app.

5. Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad is a two dollar app that will appeal to the artist in any child. Children can use their fingers to simulate markers, paint brushes, colored pencils, crayons, stamps, and rollers. There is also a sticker book with over one hundred stickers. Parents can also purchase coloring books inside the app and share pictures with family and friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter.